From the R27 to Yzerfontein

As one takes the turn off from the R27 down to Yzerfontein there are a few interesting places to stop and have a look around. I had travelled up and down the road a few times and been intrigued by the names and look of some of these places so determined to have a wander around and explore.

The first place as you turn off the R27 - The Weskus Padstaal.

The first place, as you turn off the R27, is The West Coast Farm Stall (Weskus Padstaal).

The West
Entrance to the farm stall.
Carvings from trees.

Carvings from trees.

The new owners  moved down from Mafikeng, in the North West Province where they had run a game farm, and took over the West Coast Farm Stall (Die Weskus Padstaal) in February 2009. They had a man working for them who does these amazing carvings from tree trunks and branches and have brought many of them down as décor for the farm stall.

Part of the outside tea garden area.

Part of the outside garden area.

One of the many colourful birds that can be viewed at the back.

One of the many colourful birds that can be viewed at the back of the stall.

The farm stall is a really interesting place to make a stop and buy fresh bread, jams, honey,  pies, milk, herbs etc. and also have a delicious farm style meal. Apart from having a look at the wonderful carvings there is also huge aviary at the back with a wonderful collection of birds and, for a small  fee, you can go on a guided tour.


Old Lime Kiln

A bit further down the  road are 2 Lime Kilns. In the days of the Dutch Est India Trading Company there was no cement available for building so these kilns were built to burn mussel shells to form a binding material which was then used in place of cement. There is also a scale model of a kiln in Yzerfontein where one can read and see how they worked.


Blombosch Hideaway Lodge.

I did take a drive down to the Lodge but there was no one there to chat to and get information. If you are interested just give the number on the board a call.

Start of the

Start of the Bokbaaivygie Hiking Trail

Die Strand Kombuis.

Entrance to Die Strandkombuis.

Not too long ago there was a road directly from Yzerfontein to the Strandkombuis but that has now been closed and you have to turn off the road about 3 km’s out of town and take a 6 km drive, round the salt pan, to get there. The restaurant is run by the  Sandpiper Guest House which is close by.

There was a beach wedding and reception taking place the next day.

There was a beach wedding and reception taking place the following day.

Die Strankombuis.

Die Strandkombuis.

On the beach.

On the beach.

Found this on the beach in front of the restaurant but have no idea what it could be. The photo does give you an idea as to how close the place is to Yzerfontein in the background.

The Fish Market.

The Fish Market.

Unloading snoek.

Unloading snoek.

No fish can be sold or off loaded in the harbour area so as soon as the boats are out the water they head straight for the market, which is about 2 km’s out of town, where the buyers are waiting. There prices are agreed and fish offloaded. There are also good facilities for washing and cleaning the boats.

Die Stal.

Die Stal Pub and Restaurant.

Situated between the market and town I would imagine that this place really jumps over week-ends and especially when the Springboks are playing

End of the road.

End of the road.

Hope you enjoyed the trip down from the R27 to the great seaside town of Yzerfontein.


  1. Brendon on December 3rd, 2009

    Yzerfontein is such an awesome place. I must make a plan these holidays to take Sue up there for a weekend away.

  2. pbdphoto on December 4th, 2009

    It has definetly become one of my favourite places.

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