The start of my journey (Part 3)

The next morning (Friday 3rd) took a drive into Port Nolloth, filled up with petrol and found a Spar shop to get a few things and draw some money. Went back to camp and hitched up ready for my drive back to Alex. Bay and the ordeal of getting to Brandkaros.

Site at McDougalls Bay

Site at McDougalls Bay

As you can see the camp is just hardened sea sand

McDougalls Bay Caravan Park

McDougalls Bay Caravan Park

Just to illustrate how full (in season?) the park was (not).

The journey back to Alex was uneventful and I then drove the 27 k’s of bone jolting road to reach Brandkaros at about 11.30am and checked in for a week. By the way it is R50.00 per person per night.

Again I was the only one there so could choose to park wherever I wanted. Found a nice shady spot under some trees and started to set up camp. Wow!!!! Opened the caravan door to find the fridge door completely off its hinges and lying on the floor and the contents scattered all over the caravan. The rest wasn’t too bad but the dust was something else. Managed to get the fridge door back on and then spent about an hour trying to get the dust out. What a job!

By the time I had cleaned up and set up camp it was 4pm and I was really hungry so went to the new “deep freeze” to get some goodies out for a big super. This is when I discovered that this was no real deep freeze but a cooler that tried to keep already frozen food frozen but with no success. I have, up to now, thrown away about R400.00 worth of food as a result. I also found out that the fridge in the caravan was not working and I could not find anything wrong to try and fix. I was not a happy camper. It was only at about 6am the next morning that I sat up in bed with a brainwave. I opened a cupboard where the plug for the fridge is situated and found that something had fallen over , in all the shaking of the drive, and switched the plug off. Have now taped that switch down. More of my frozen food ruined!!

Brandkaros camp site

Brandkaros camp site

My nice shaded camp site but it still gets really hot in the afternoons.

At this stage I was already starting to wonder if I was doing the right thing or should I just pack it all in and head back to Cape Town. It just felt that so many things were against me.

In spite of everything I managed to put together a good meal, watched an episode of Lost and then crashed.

The next morning (Sat 4th) I did a few chores and then decided to do some exploring. Got some very hazy directions on how to get to the river and set off.

It took me about an hour to walk and then find a way through the really thick bush and I eventually came out on the banks of the Orange River. From what the 4×4 man had said I was expecting a roaring, massive flow of water with high cliffs on either side, maybe a rapid or two… ha-ha.

Orange River at Brandkaros

Orange River at Brandkaros

Orange River at Brandkaros

Orange River at Brandkaros

The “roaring” Orange River.

Got back to camp to find some new arrivals, a group of about 6 vehicles and a couple with a Safari caravan.

Made friends with the couple, Koos and Lieta Prince, who were camped next to me and so at last had someone to converse with and they spoke far better English than I did Afrikaans. What really nice people.

To be continued..


  1. Chris M on July 9th, 2009

    Wow, it looks like your trip is going really well, already!

  2. Chris M on July 9th, 2009

    I think you’ll find that once you’re further into your trip, that it will become more enjoyable as you’ll be more settled..

  3. Ross on July 9th, 2009


    Like your site so far!!! will definately check in from time to time. nice design too. will add you to my links section 🙂 enjoy your journey and take care along the way!


  4. Chris M on July 9th, 2009

    Ye Ross, it’s great to see other fishermen interested in blogging. I love that photograph of the “Boskop Sunset” ~ truly stunning 🙂

  5. pbdphoto on July 9th, 2009

    Hi Ross thanks for stopping by. As soon as I work out how to I will add your link as well.

  6. pbdphoto on July 9th, 2009

    Ja Chris not too bad. There have been moments that I wanted to pack it all in but just pushed through.

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